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Bluetooth is a low-cost, short-range wireless technology that has become popular among those who want to create personal area networks PANs.

Each PAN is a dynamically created network built around an individual, that enables devices such as cellular phones and personal digital assistants PDAs to connect automatically and share data immediately. Finally we'll look at some code that shows how to use these APIs. This article will cover in detail only the more prevalent of the two, the core Bluetooth package javax.

Developed by the Bluetooth Interest GroupBluetooth technology consists of:. Bluetooth radio technology is based on the 2. When Bluetooth devices connect to each other, they form a piconet, a dynamically created network that comprises a master device and up to seven slave devices. Bluetooth also supports connections between piconets: When a master on one piconet becomes a slave on another, it provides a bridge between them.

Bluetooth interoperability profiles — not to be confused with J2ME profiles — describe cross-platform interoperability and consistency requirements. They include the Generic Access Profile that defines device-management functionality, the Service Discover Application Profile that defines the aspects of service discovery, and the Serial Port Profile that defines the interoperability requirements and capabilities for serial cable emulation. You can learn about these and other profiles in the Bluetooth specification.

The Bluetooth stack comprises a software stack that interfaces with a firmware stack, as Figure 1 illustrates:. Click to enlarge. JSR 82 exposes the Bluetooth software stack to developers working on the Java platform. OBEX is a high-level API and protocol for exchanging objects such as electronic business cards and calendar items transmitted in the vCard and vCalendar formats. Figure 2 illustrates an application's Bluetooth-specific use cases:.

Figure 4 illustrates the elements of a typical Bluetooth-enabled application, in our case a MIDlet:. Not illustrated is that the MIDlet would also implement javax. CommandListener to listen for command input from the user interface.

The rest of the classes or interfaces the application uses are included for Bluetooth-specific uses, such as discovering devices and services, connecting and consuming services, and advertising and providing services. It's a good practice to use a design pattern like Model-View-Controller, which decomposes the application into the user interface viewsapplication behavior and navigation controllerand data modelsplus in our case supporting classes and interfaces such as the Bluetooth APIs.

It's also good design to isolate client and server behavior in separate classes so you can reuse components later. The DiscoveryAgent class supports discovery of both devices and services. Client applications wanting to be notified when devices and services are discovered must implement and register the interface DiscoveryListenerwhich defines callbacks for device- and service-discovery notification. The relationship between a Bluetooth client application and the DiscoveryAgent is typically one-to-one:.

You use the DiscoveryAgent 's device — discovery methods to initiate and cancel device discovery:. The Bluetooth Discovery Agent invokes the DiscoveryListener 's device — discovery callback methods at different points in the inquiry phase:. The state diagram in Figure 6 illustrates the device-discovery states reached as a result of DiscoveryListener callbacks:.

Device discovery begins with a call to startInquiry. As the inquiry progresses, the Bluetooth Discovery Agent invokes the callback methods deviceDiscovered and inquiryCompleted as appropriate. You use the DiscoveryAgent 's service-discovery methods to initiate and cancel service discovery:.

The Bluetooth Discovery Agent invokes DiscoveryListener service-discovery callback methods at different points in the service-discovery phase:. Figure 7 illustrates the service discovery states reached as a result of DiscoveryListener callbacks:. Service discovery begins with a call to searchServices. As the service search progresses, the Bluetooth Discovery Agent calls back servicesDiscovered and serviceSearchCompleted as appropriate.

As its name suggests, each such identifier is guaranteed to be unique across all time and space. The UUID will look something like this: 2dfbcd9fb8ec The SDDB is a database maintained by the Bluetooth implementation that contains service records, which represent services that are available to clients. Each service record is represented by an instance of ServiceRecord.You are viewing documentation for version: 2.

Release Notes Downloads. The Silicon Labs Bluetooth stack is an advanced Bluetooth 5-compliant protocol stack implementing the Bluetooth low energy standard. It supports multiple connections, concurrent central, peripheral, broadcaster, and observer roles.

Two modes are supported:. There are online resources to learn more about the Bluetooth Qualification Process as well as tutorials on the Launch Studiowhich is the online tool used to complete the Bluetooth Qualification Process. If you need assistance to qualify your device you can consider reaching out to your nearest Bluetooth Qualification Consultant. The above software-based pre-qualified components are two out of the three components to integrate when proceeding with the "Qualification Process with Required Testing".

In addition to these two software components you must also have integrated a qualified RF-PHY component in your end-product listing. The CMSIS library provided by Silicon Labs contains header files, defines for peripherals, registers and bitfieldsand startup files for all devices.

In addition, CMSIS includes functions that are common to all Cortex devices, like interrupt handling, intrinsic functions, etc. Although it is possible to write to registers using hard-coded address and data values, it is recommended to use the defines to ensure portability and readability of the code.

To simplify programming Wireless Geckos, Silicon Labs developed and maintains a complete C function library called emlib that provides efficient, clear, and robust access to and control of all peripherals and core functions in the device. It implements the serial protocol parser and C language function and events for all the APIs provided by the Bluetooth stack.

The host code developed on top of BGLIB can be written to be identical to the code for the Wireless Gecko, which allows easy porting of the application code from the Wireless Gecko to a separate host or vice versa.

BGAPI table. The Bluetooth SDK is a full software development kit that enables you to develop applications on top of the Bluetooth stack using C programming language.

bluetooth api

The SDK also supports making standalone applications, where the Bluetooth stack and the application both run in the Wireless Gecko, or the network co-processor NCP architecture, where the application runs on an external host and the Bluetooth stack runs in the Wireless Gecko.

SDK contents and folder structure are described in the following sections.

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The following libraries are delivered with the Bluetooth SDK and must be included in C application projects. The following files are delivered with the Bluetooth SDK and must be included in C application projects.

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The following components are delivered with the Bluetooth SDK. The platform components are under the platform folder. Because starting application development from scratch is difficult, the Bluetooth SDK comes with a number of built-in demos and examples covering the most frequent use cases, as shown in the following figure.GitHub is home to over 40 million developers working together to host and review code, manage projects, and build software together.

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If nothing happens, download GitHub Desktop and try again. If nothing happens, download Xcode and try again. If nothing happens, download the GitHub extension for Visual Studio and try again. Xamarin and MvvMCross plugin for accessing the bluetooth functionality.

You can use it without MvvmCross, if you download the vanilla package. Add these permissions to AndroidManifest. For Marshmallow and above, please follow Requesting Runtime Permissions in Android Marshmallow and don't forget to prompt the user for the location permission. Add this line to your manifest if you want to declare that your app is available to BLE-capable devices only :.

We provide a sample Xamarin. Forms app, that is a basic bluetooth LE scanner. With this app, it's possible to. Have a look at the code and use it as starting point to learn about the plugin and play around with it. It depends on your use case. You can also listen for State changes. Set adapter. ScanMode to specify scan mode. Changing it while scanning, will not affect the current scan.

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ConnectToDeviceAsync returns a Task that finishes if the device has been connected successful. Otherwise a DeviceConnectionException gets thrown. This means that if the device GUID is known, no scan is necessary to connect to a device. This can be very useful for a fast background reconnect.

Always use a cancellation token with this method.This is an experimental technology Check the Browser compatibility table carefully before using this in production.

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The newsletter is offered in English only at the moment. Sign up now. Sign in with Github Sign in with Google. Web Bluetooth. Disabled From version this feature is behind the enable-experimental-web-platform-features preference needs to be set to enabled. Full support 70 Notes Notes Windows Firefox No support No.

IE No support No. Full support 57 Notes Notes Windows Safari No support No. WebView Android No support No. Chrome Android Full support Firefox Android No support No. Opera Android Full support Safari iOS No support No. Samsung Internet Android Full support 6.New trends and forecasts now available. Get your copy. Find Out More. All products that use Bluetooth technology must complete the product qualification process. It ensures global interoperability and further strengthens the Bluetooth brand.

Use the Bluetooth Brand. This document summarizes and explains the three primary updates in Bluetooth Core Specification version 5. Download the Paper. Read More. Healthcare is a key pillar of modern societies. We place a high value on….

Develop with Bluetooth

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Bluetooth Low Energy

Bluetooth is nothing new, even in cars. Watch Martin Woolley help developers go beyond theory to develop products and solutions that….Bluetooth Low Energy LE is a specification that defines protocols for discovery and communication between power-efficient devices.

The two primary roles of discovery are called Central and Peripheral. In general, Windows operates in Central mode and connects to various Peripheral devices.

The attribute is the main building block of GATT. The main types of attributes are services, characteristics and descriptors. These attributes perform differently between clients and servers, so it is more useful to discuss their interaction in the relevant sections. After a connection has been established, the device that contains the data usually a small IoT sensor or wearable is known as the Server.

The device that uses that data to perform a function is known as the Client. For example, a Windows PC Client reads data from a heart rate monitor Server to track that a user is working out optimally. In addition to the Central and Peripheral roles, there are Observer and Broadcaster roles.

Broadcasters are commonly referred to as Beacons, they don't communicate over GATT because they use the limited space provided in the Advertisement packet for communication.

Similarly, an Observer does not have to establish a connection to receive data, it scans for nearby advertisements. For more information, see the Advertisement topic. You may also leave feedback directly on GitHub.

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bluetooth api

GenericAttributeProfile Windows. Advertisement Central and Peripheral The two primary roles of discovery are called Central and Peripheral. See Also Windows. Yes No. Any additional feedback?The current DeviceAccessInformation object for the device. Used to check and monitor access changes to the device. Gets the DeviceInformation object for the Bluetooth device. Instead, use GetRfcommServicesAsync. Performs application-defined tasks associated with freeing, releasing, or resetting unmanaged resources.

Returns a BluetoothDevice object for the given BluetoothAddress.

bluetooth api

Returns a BluetoothDevice object identified by the given HostName. Returns a BluetoothDevice object identified by the given DeviceId. The AQS string is passed into the CreateWatcher method to return a collection of DeviceInformation objects with the indicated Bluetooth connection status. The AQS string is passed into the CreateWatcher method to return a collection of DeviceInformation objects containing the specified Bluetooth device name. Used to request explicit access to the Bluetooth device.

This invokes Device Consent and must be called on the UI thread. You may also leave feedback directly on GitHub. Skip to main content. Exit focus mode.

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Bluetooth Windows. Represents a Bluetooth device. Object System. IDisposable System. Windows 10 introduced v UniversalApiContract introduced v1.


Is this page helpful? Yes No. Any additional feedback? Skip Submit. Send feedback about This product This page. This page. Submit feedback. There are no open issues. View on GitHub. Gets the device ID that came from the Windows. Name Name Name Name.

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Gets a boolean indicating whether the BluetoothDevice was paired using a Secure Connection. Close Close Close Close. Dispose Dispose Dispose Dispose.


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